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ASUS RT-N 12+ (New) Wireless N300 3-in-1 Router/AP/Range Extender for Large Environment

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  • Input Type RJ-45 (Ethernet Cable) supported by ISPs such as MTNL, BSNL, Airtel,Hathway,ACT Fibrenet,Spectranet and neighbourhood cable operator
  • Multiple 3-in-1 Router/Access Point /Range Extender wireless modes
  • Two Non Detachable 5dBi antennas for more powerful and wider coverage
  • 4 SSIDs help manage bandwidth allocation and access control
  • Powerful Online Multitasking at up to 30,000 Data Sessions
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Product Description

Strong Connectivity Over Extensive Areas

Network snags killing your productivity? The ASUS Wireless Router can help. The device gives you sturdy signal strength owing to its 5dBi External High-Gain Antennas. You do not lose out on network even in widespread zones or where there are multiple floors and extensions.


Asus Router delivers three different functions. It works as Access Point, Range Extender and Wi-Fi N300 Router. You have to enable its Universal Repeater Mode to make it a Range Extender for other standard Wi-Fi routers in your location. As Access Point, the Router lets you connect your Wi-Fi-compatible devices to a wired network.

Safeguards Your Network

Network security hazards are taken care of by Asus RT-N 12+ (New) 3-in-1 Router. You do not disclose your password or network details when adding new devices. Its Guest Network allows up to three guest networks to operate individually with different passwords and usage restrictions. These guest networks can neither access the chief ASUS Router connectivity nor of co-guests. Moreover, N300 Router is compatible with VPN Server and your data transfer remains protected with its PPTP Encryption.

Single-Point Monitoring

ASUSWRT feature is a great advantage that comes with RT-N 12+ Wireless N300 Router/AP/Range Extender. It is a dashboard graphical user-interface that allows you to install as well as regulate your network applications from a single responsive area. Further, with this graphical interface, you can manage your guests and settings. It also brings you frequent updates. Even setting-up ASUS Router is easy in just three stages.

From the Manufacturer

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Powerful wide-range coverage

Enhanced signal strength and wider coverage for larger homes and offices are driven by external 5dBi high gain antennas. The design is also ideal for multi-floor locations with devices located on different levels.

Discrete and secure Wi-Fi networks via guest access

Share your internet connection with your guests in safety, with no need to share your personal password or network resources. ASUS Guest Network supports up to three separate guest networks, each with its own usage limits and password. Guests cannot access your primary network or any other connected devices.

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Robust control and optimization with ASUSWRT

With the ASUSWRT dashboard UI, setup, monitor, and control network applications all in one intuitive area. The whole-new dashboard interface lets you manage all clients and settings via a single graphical interface, and provides 1-click updates

Easy 3-step setup

Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to effortlessly set up your ASUS router in less than 30 seconds¹ and in only 3 easy steps. Simply connect the cables to the router, open a Web browser, and follow the setup wizard to get you to the internet in no time.

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Extend Wi-Fi coverage quickly and simply

Universal repeater mode instantly extends the Wi-Fi range of any standard wireless router, sustaining smooth and fast connections in larger and even multi-floor locations.

VPN server enabled

Easily set up a VPN server to browse the web and access data — no matter where you are. Featuring PPTP encryption, your data transmission remains always secure and confidential.

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