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Huntkey GX660T Gaming PC Case (White)

by Huntkey
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Original price Rs. 8,455.00
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Original price Rs. 8,455.00
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Current price Rs. 5,326.65
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Huntkey GX660T chassis:

Huntkey GX660T chassis adopts a simple design style, the overall appearance is angular design, in line with the aesthetics of most players, the chassis dimensions are length 395 * width 210 * height 486mm, the wide body design enhances the compatibility of the whole machine. This case is available in two colors: Tech Gray and Fashion White. The color of this review is Tech Gray.

Three-section front panel design:

The front panel of the GX660T chassis adopts a strong design shape. The slanted decorative strip divides the front panel into two parts, the upper left and the lower right. The tempered glass panel on the upper left corresponds to the side transparent on the left, and the metal mesh on the lower right the heat dissipation effect is further optimized, while taking into account the stylish performance of the whole machine.

Side-opening tempered glass side panel:

The left side panel of Huntkey GX660T is 4mm-thick tempered glass, which has better light transmittance and scratch resistance. The magnetic design and pull ring open the door to facilitate players to install and upgrade the hardware.

I/O area layout:

The I/O area of ​​the case is designed on the top front, where there are a power-on button, a restart button, a set of audio interfaces, 1 USB 3.0 interface and 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, which can meet the daily needs of most players.

Power down design:

Huntkey GX660T adopts a power supply design. The power supply and 3.5-inch hard drive cage are located at the bottom of the chassis and enjoy a separate heat dissipation area. There are two 12 cm fan positions above the power supply bay to further enhance heat dissipation.

Open interior space:

GX660T adopts an open interior space and has good compatibility with a wide body structure. The chassis can be compatible with ATX and below motherboards, the length of the graphics card is limited to 330 mm (the length of the graphics card is limited to 300 mm when the front 360 is water-cooled), and the CPU radiator is limited to 160 mm in height, which can take all mainstream hardware.

Mounted hard drive tray:

In terms of heat dissipation, GX660T can install 8 fans, of which the front panel supports 3 12/14 cm fans or water-cooled radiators below 360, and the top supports 2 12/14 cm fans or water-cooled radiators below 280. In addition, there are 2 power supply bays there is a 12 cm fan position, and there is also a 12 cm fan position at the rear, which can meet the high requirements of users for heat dissipation.

Fan position at the rear of the chassis:

After seeing the stylish appearance and good internal design, let's take a look at the performance of this case through the actual installation.

The open space inside the Huntkey GX660T chassis provides convenience for the installation of hardware and jumpers. The appropriate openings are convenient for players to complete the back line. With sufficient cable tie positions, you can also get out of the refreshing back line.

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