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HP Pavilion High Power 4.5mm 150W Slim Adapter for HP Envy OMEN Pavilion X360 Laptops & AIO Desktops (2DR33AA)

by HP
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Original price Rs. 4,999.00
Original price Rs. 4,999.00 - Original price Rs. 4,999.00
Original price Rs. 4,999.00
Current price Rs. 4,949.01
Rs. 4,949.01 - Rs. 4,949.01
Current price Rs. 4,949.01
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  • Supported Models: HP ENVY 13-ab012tu, 13-ab013tu, 13-ab044tu, 13-ab069tu, 13-ab070tu, 13-ad061tu, 13-ad062tu, 13-ad079tu, 13-ad088tu, 13-ad125tu, 13-ad126tu, 13-ad127tu, 13-ad128tu, 13-ad161tu, 13-ad162tu, 13-ad163tu, 13-ad164tu, 13-ad171tx, 13-ad172tu, 13-ad172tx, 13-ad173tx, 13-ad174tu, 13-ad174tx, 13-ad175tx, 13-ad176tx, 13-ad177tx, 13-ad178tx
  • Supported Models: OMEN by HP 15-dc1006tx, 15-dc1007tx, 15-dc1008tx, 15-dc1009tx, 15-dc1092tx, 15-dc1093tx, 15-dc1099tx, 15-dh0016tx, 15-dh0017tx, 15-dh0018tx, 15-dh0019tx, 15-dh0107tx, 15-dh0135tx, 15-dh0136tx, 15-dh0137tx, 15-dh0138tx, 15-dh0139tx, 15-ce070tx, 15-ce071tx, 15-ce072tx, 15-ce073tx, 15-ce074tx, 15-ce089tx, 15-ce090tx, 15-ce091tx, 15-ce520tx, 15-ce521tx, 15-ce522tx, 17-an009tx, 17-an010tx, 17-an081tx, 17-an082tx, 17-w249tx, 17-w250tx
  • Supported Models: HP All-in-One 24-f0031d, 24-f0033d, 24-f0043in, 24-f0056d, 24-f0057d, 24-f0060d, 24-f0061d, 24-f0069in, 24-f0071il, 20-c401il, 20-c402d, 20-c403d, 20-c404d, 20-c405d, 20-c406d, 20-c406il, 20-c416il, 20-c417in, 20-c418il, 20-c419in, 20-c421il, 20-c422in, 20-c431l, 20-c432l, 20-c433l, 20-c434il, 20-c435in, 20-c440l, 22-c0005in, 22-c0008il, 22-c0009in, 22-c0010in, 22-c0011il, 22-c0012in, 22-c0013in, 22-c0014il, 22-c0015in, 22-c0019il, 22-c0020in, 22-c0021in, 22-c0024in, 22-c0028in
  • Supported Models: HP Notebook 14-am513tu, 14-am519tu, 14-am020tu, 14-am021tu, 14-am042tx, 14-am044tx, 14-am045tx, 14-am081tu, 14-am090tu, 14-am091tu, 14-bs063tx, 14-bs064tx, 14-bs080tx, 14-bs081tx, 14-bs082tx, 14-bs083tx, 14-bs107tu, 14-bs701tu, 14-bs729tu, 14-bs730tu, 14-bs731tu, 15-bs111tu, 15-bs112tu, 15-bs145tu, 15-bs146tu, 15-bs164tu, 15-bs179tx, 15-bs180tx, 15-bs539tu, 15-bs540tu, 15-bs541tu, 15-bs542tu, 15-bs543tu, 15-bs544tu, 15-bs545tu, 15-bs546tu, 15-bs547tu, 15-bs548tu, 15-bs549tu
  • Supported Models: HP Pavilion 14-bf013tu, 14-bf059tx, 14-bf118tu, 14-bf119tu, 14-bf120tu, 14-bf121tu, 14-bf122tu, 14-bf125tx, 14-bf146tx, 14-bf147tx, 14-bf148tx, 14-bf174tx, 14-bf175tx, 14-bf176tx, 14-bf177tx, 15-bc232tx, 15-bc233tx, 15-cc021tx, 15-cc022tx, 15-cc023tx, 15-cc024tx, 15-cc025tx, 15-cc026tx, 15-cc027tx, 15-cc058tx, 15-cc100tx, 15-cc101tx, 15-cc102tx, 15-cc103tx, 15-cc104tx, 15-cc112tx, 15-cc118tx, 15-cc129tx, 15-cc130tx, 15-cc131tx, 15-cc132tx, 15-cc133tx, 15-cc134tx, 15-cc166tx

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